Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas Day

{The children run into see what Mr. C. left for them.  Don't mind the super blurry photos}

{A Tandem bike for the girls!!!!!!}
{Lottie doesn't know or care about what's going on in the other room,
 she still needs a bath though.}
{My boys playing with the new train along with a bag of Fritos. 
 Its probably 9:00 am}
{Nicholas with his new walking (and dancing) robot 
"Mike.  Jane shows Lottie Ollie's new light saber.}
{Me and the boys in our Christmas jammies}
{Ollie and his nice new FOOtball, Jane in her muu muu.}

{Opening family gifts}

{This one's from Mr. Nielson- Jane can't wait}
{Oliver and his new book 'Oliver',
Jane gave me perhaps my favorite gift of all, a back scratcher}
{Jane in her jammies and new "Shwings", 
the girls try out their new yellow tandem bike.  
Jane chickened out..."maybe in the Spring" she said.}

 {Mr. Nielson can't keep his peepers open.  Nothing quite like a Christmas nap in
one of the most uncomfortable chairs in the house}
{Our traditional luminaries.  Magical.}

And then just like that, not 24 hours later, 
I felt like the Grinch taking everything down.
We were headed to Arizona the new day, so everything needed to be down.


 * * * * * * * * *
Thank Vintage Bebe for the most adorable dolls EVER!
I loved my The Vintage Pearl State necklaces.  
I got one for my "spots":
Provo, Utah
New Brunswick, Mew Jersey
Mesa, Arizona
 Have you seen these?  Everyone needs their spots too.
Merry Christmas to you from the Nielson home.

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