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Monday, December 02, 2013

Coming home

My little family is travelling home from our wonderful
 Thanksgiving holiday in Arizona.
I will share the details tomorrow.
I am exhausted and a little bit overwhelmed.
Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, unpacking, 
and Christmas shopping await me now, and it's slightly daunting. 
 Ten hours in a car with five children can be a little ruff and crazy. 
Super crazy.

Happy December!!
It's Cyber Monday, might I suggest you check out the great deals on the
 Madsen Cargo Bike- a family favorite!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day & JoBurt

Memorial Day was beautiful.
The weather couldn't have been nicer!
The Nielson's decided to take a bike ride up beautiful Provo Canyon.
My brother Andrew, his wife Meg and their children along with my 
9 month pregnant sister Lucy, her husband Andrew 
and children joined in the Memorial Day Celebration Bike Ride.
{that was a mouthful}
After the our bike ride we enjoyed a BBQ in our backyard.
Mr. Nielson cooked us up some Ahi tuna burgers.
We drank Pepsi and Vanilla Coke from the cans and 
lit sparklers when the sun went down.
I am so happy summer is coming.

These beautiful Utah evenings sure make up for those long hot summer days.
Do you dig our "bucket bikes"  you can purchase them HERE!!!
* * * * * * * * * *
Today I am picking up cupcakes for my kids teachers.
Tomorrow is the last day of school and we are thanking them with treats.
The Sweet Tooth Fairy is making cute apple cupcakes to celebrate 
the wonderful educators who taught and sometimes put-up with our children.
In honor of school ending a giveaway is in order.
STF is giving away 6 cakebites to lucky winners. 
3 on Insatgram and 3 on facebook
 like it, and enter your name.
Also, enter by following them on Insatgram {sweettoothfairy}
You could win a box of the delicious cakebites (as seen on Rachel Ray!}

Speaking of Instagram, you may have noticed on my feed pictures 
of Mr. Jordan Burt.

{I call him JoBurt, but he doesn't know that}
We are in collaboration mode together and hoping to get something going.
This guy is amazing.  
Do you know about him?  
You need to follow him on vine- RIGHT NOW!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I worked today

Tonight the spring weather brought an evening bike ride.
Mr. Nielson put Lottie in the Yepp and we rode down to my brother Matt's
 house to pick up our children.
They all flock to his house because Aunt Katy has endless otter-pops 
and jell-o pudding snacks.
Mr. Nielson demonstrated to me how the Yepp can become
 an awesome carrier in a few easy steps.
Check it out:

Today I took Lottie over to Aunt Megan's house all day long so I could
get my yard work done.
It got it done and Lottie took a great nap at Meggy's house.
I am so so so exhausted and beat.  
The dirt felt so good in my hands and it feels so 
nice to have a body that can function normal again.
I still have pain, and hurt (right now, I kind of want to cry a little bit)-
but I was able to work, and that feels so good.

I am working on a linking people.  I want to have a page
about everybody I know.  So far I have only written about a few siblings,
sister in laws, and nieces.  It's going to be a fun HUGE project since I have
a thousand family members!!
* * * * * *
Our Madsen bike is awesome!!!
Hey Jared, when decide to make a red Madsen, can I be the first
to have one?? ;)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving goods for you.

 My family and I are headed 
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go...
We are headed to St. Louis for Thanksgiving.
Since I am traveling today, I thought I'd share 
with you a few holiday surprises.
First, a good friend and brilliant designer, Matthew Mead has 
published a 256 page beautiful book titled:
This book is the largest work Matthew has ever created and has
compiled to commemorate his 20 years as and editor and stylist.   
Matthew is giving away a beautiful tiered cake stand from his own line.
Head over to Matthew's website to enter your name in winning this gorgeous piece.
What a fun festive piece to display your delicious cookies at your holiday party.
To purchase Matthews new Holiday book, go HERE.
 Second, head over to Shabby Apple's facebook page today and enter to 
Holiday dress anyone??

Third, are you digging the Madsen cargo bike?
Head over to to see the Black Friday deals!!

I'll be posting from St. Louis tomorrow.
Have a happy day!


Monday, November 05, 2012

3rd annual Madsen Bike Rally

It was a beautiful day for our annual Madsen bike rally.
Thanks to those who came out and supported us.
* * * * * * * 
 {Look at all those good looking Madsen bikes}
his beautiful wife Catlin and Albus join the Rally 
photo: Lady Hue} 
Congrats to the Nate and Cally and thier beautiful family for wining the 2012 Madsen!
If you missed out, we hope you plan on coming next year.

VOTE tomorrow!!!! Don't forget!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Madsen bike winner:

If you own this beautiful baby, you won the Madsen Cargo Bike!!!!
Congrats to you Cally.  You are a wonderful example of endurance and beauty. 
Thank you for sharing your story with us.
(PS...your darling husband entered you in the contest as well) 
  It made us cry.  You are inspiring.
I can't wait to meet your beautiful children tomorrow at the rally.
{Be sure and bring a car that can transport it home.}
 * * * * * *
Hey you!  Are you interested in a Madsen cargo bike??
Come to the rally, ride with us, have doughnut, 
or just come to check out these awesome bikes!
Its pretty chill.
Have a great weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment here.

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