Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Green cake//thank you!

 Thank you all so much for your positive and encouraging words about
my new charity Beauty Rises!
Your support is vital to it's growth and success and I can't
do it without you!  So really, thank you so much.
Money still needs to be raised so we
 can really get this charity off the ground and
inspiring millions (I hope).
(See the Beauty Rises Trailer HERE)
   Please continue to share Beauty Rises with everyone--this charity
can affect every single one of us in a positive way.
Soon Beauty Rises will have other social media outlets 
so we can reach broader audiences!
I have been preparing and working on this idea for almost 3 years,
and would be so thankful for your continued support and prayers.

* * * * * * * * *
 Yesterday I made Nicholas a green birthday cake with chocolate 
frosting per his request.
I never got around to making him a cake on his actual birthday since
his day turned out to be a really busy day.
Better late than never.

Then I found Lottie on the dinning room table 
after dinner licking the cake.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Beauty Rises

  There is something special when people share injuries in common
(like me and other burn survivors).
It's like we know each other and are instant friends 
and members of a special support group.
I've enjoyed speaking with people and places like hospitals,
schools, and other organizations.
Even though I'm not a professional, I've loved sharing my 
story of hope and encouragement and learning how it affects people.  
This makes me happy.
A year after my physical beauty was literally burned away,
 I felt something rise up within me.  
The thought of having a beautiful life again gave me hope and I wanted to heal. 

 Christian and I have organized a public charity called Beauty Rises.
I want to expand my own experiences into a movement that ministers the 
message of "how beauty rises" as it did in my life.
I want to take this message to hospitals, schools 
and communities to show "how beauty rises".  
I want to promote the hundreds of true and inspiring stories that
 I have seen in the people that I have met over the years. 
 And I want to share these messages of hope with people 
who need it most...patients in hospitals, students in schools, 
people in my community and your communities everywhere!
I've set up an initial website where 
you can donate and become a part of Beauty Rises.  
Starting today, our charity is officially raising money 
to fund our initiatives and programs.
We will be creating inspiring vignettes of real women who show how Beauty Rises.
These women deserve a platform to share their inspirational stories
and lift others in the process.
I'm inviting you all to be a part of it, and please
share it with your friends and social media outlets!
You can register through PayPal here.
When you donate you are registered as a member of Beauty Rises.  
You can even make your donation reoccurring to continue contributing.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Soaking in October

Happy Weekend to you and yours!
Last night we had our family photos taken by the incredible Blue Lily.
My vision of being among the Aspen trees at dusk was perfectly shot,
(well done Wendy and Tyler, well done).
I am excited to share more images later.
 Have a wonderful week.

Are you soaking in all things October?  
It's an amazing time of the year!

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